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System Peripheral Dictionary

When it comes to peripherals for your system, there are countless options; unfortunately there isn’t countless space on our website to showcase all the various items and brochures. So we have created a System Peripheral Dictionary to display all the various items that you could be utilizing in your business right now. If there is anything in particular you don’t see here or you have your heart set on, we will get it for you. After all, we’re here to guide you through building the most efficient system to fit your business needs.

Barcode Scanner

  • [bahr-kohd skan-er]


    Whether you have a lot of inventory or just want to make checking-out much faster, a barcode scanner can make your system more efficient by allowing you to scan information on labels and input them directly into your inventory rather than typing it in by hand. With a choice between single line, wireless, omni-directional, fly-by, handheld and tabletop scanners, there is bound to be a scanner that fits your business needs.
  • Cash Drawer

  • [kash-drawr]


    If you know you and your staff will be handling cash, this is a must for your system. Attached electronically to the system, a cash drawer will only open during certain transactions or open manually with a manager’s key. A basic model cash drawer with a cylinder lock comes with most models listed. There are also large and deluxe models available depending on how you wish to organize cash and receipts.
  • Coin Dispenser

  • [koin dih-spen-ser]


    You’ve probably seen these installed on the counters of many grocery stores. A coin dispenser can connect to your system and automatically calculate and dispense the correct change for your customer. By eliminating the need for a cashier to handle change, you further reduce cashier error and decrease the time spent ringing up each customer – allowing you to service more customers throughout the day.
  • Credit Card Processing

  • [kred-it kahrd pros-es-ing]


    Many people now-a-days rarely carry cash; so if you’re looking to attract these consumers into your business, you should definitely consider investing in credit card processing. One of our clients saw an immediate 30% increase in his business.
    The right credit card processing system will reduce equipment on your POS counter, eliminate errors, make your business more efficient, attract more clients and speed up check out. Also look into high-speed internet to guarantee smooth and continuous processing. Contact us for a list of our preferred credit card processors.
  • Digital Video Recording

  • [dij-i-tl vid-ee-oh ri-kawr-ding]


    For added security and peace of mind, you can set up a camera system to protect your business from theft. If you’re looking at getting the most out of your security system, Talon DVR software also includes special features that can allow you to monitor your business from the comfort of your own home or office and text-insertion – a feature that allows you to see the items that are being rung-up on the video screen in real time.
  • Fingerprint Reader

  • [fing-ger-print ree-der]


    Rightfully named U are U, a fingerprint reader makes certain that the person using your system is supposed to be using your system. Mainly for computer-based POS systems, you can program your system to only allow managers to make changes to your system or access the back-office reporting features, simply by reading their fingerprint. It also makes certain that no one is signing other employees in or out of work or transferring checks without management approval – further protecting your business from employee theft.
  • Kitchen Video

  • [kich-uhn vid-ee-oh]


    For extra efficiency and accuracy on orders, we can install a kitchen video that communicates with the register and automatically sends the order from your system to the kitchen. The right kitchen video setup will also include a bump bar – a small panel of buttons used to shift around the orders viewed on a kitchen video screen. Although a kitchen printer is just as efficient as a kitchen video, eliminating the use of paper and equipment used in your kitchen will not only make you a friend to the environment but save you money in the long run.
  • Liquor Monitor

  • [lik-er mon-i-ter]


    True to its name, a liquor monitor helps you gauge and record how much liquor is coming in and out of your bar. Traditionally, liquor has been known to be a drain on your expense because it is fairly difficult to monitor. However, with this equipment you will be able to track your inventory better and notice if your bartenders are over-pouring and need a little bit of training or if an employee is giving away shots or even bottles for free.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader

  • [mag-net-ik strahyp ree-der]


    Magnetic stripe readers that attach to your system will, not only let you accept credit cards and different card tenders as a form of payment, it will allow you to offer and read your own gift cards and VIP club type cards, acknowledge manager or employee commands based on programmed employee ID card and even verify age using a customer’s ID card. This small attachment really allows you to control the security of your system and offer your customers more options that’ll have them coming back and spending more.
  • PC Communication

  • [pee see kuh-myoo-ni-kay-shuhn]


    We know even if you wanted to, you can’t be involved in every aspect of your business every day. Luckily, all of our systems can be connected to a designated computer with a specially-programmed polling software that will allow you to run reports or makes changes to one or all of your locations. You can even schedule when your reports run allowing you to take care of business on your time.
  • Pole Display

  • [pohl dih-spley]


    To catch your customers’ attention during point of sale, you can use a pole display attached to your system that includes a 2-line, automatic message scrolling feature which shows pricing of items as they are being rung-up or a ‘thank you’ message that will leave customers smiling as they wait for their receipts.
  • Power Surge Protection

  • [pow-er surj pro-tek-shuhn]


    It’s hard to predict when something may boost the electrical charge coming through your outlets. A sudden surge from a power outage, lightning storm, faulty wiring or even the use of other high-powered electrical devices around your system can cause serious damage to your system. Reliable power surge protection will independently regulate the flow of energy into your system, keeping your system safe and saving you time and money.
  • Printer

  • [prin-ter]


    Equipped with impact and thermal printers in all sizes, we think that a good printer is a must for all systems. A well-placed printer or two will allow you to, not only print customer receipts, guest checks and any necessary management reports, it will allow you to send orders straight from the register to the kitchen – eliminating errors and inefficiencies along the way.
  • Scale

  • [skeyl]


    If you have items that need to be weighed and labeled, scales are a great thing to have; but when looking to purchase one, remember to take into consideration how you would be using a scale for your business. Scale choices range from a stand-alone scale to a scale that links directly to your system or computer and even a scale that prints the labels for your products. We will also calibrate these scales for you in accordance with county and state regulations.
  • Wireless Handheld

  • [wahy-uhr-lis hand-held]


    Don’t worry about keeping your servers tied down to your counter anymore. Now your servers can have access to your entire system anywhere in the restaurant. With the ability to communicate with your computer-based POS terminal and printers, your servers can take orders even ring up customers right at their tables. Make sure you invest in a protective case for your handhelds as well so you can take advantage of this time-saving addition to your system for years to come!
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